Phishing : An Overview

Have you ever heard of people fishing for your passwords, Bank balance, or other confidential private information? If no, then beware of phishing. Phishing is done by a cyber criminal. Cyber criminal is a person who does illegal activity with the … Continued

Role of Data Mining in today’s world.

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Gone are the days, where customers felt delighted when asked for feedback and shopkeepers wanted to know, then and there, the strategies to promote their business and retain their market position right from the customers. But today, through feedback alone … Continued

Cryptography: The basics

On a daily basis, how many times do you enter your passwords and log into your accounts? Be it your Gmail account, your Facebook account, a bank account, everywhere you have to enter your password. The password goes through encryption … Continued

1000 year old Manuscripts !

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Israel’s National Library has acquired 1,000-year-old Jewish documents discovered in Afghanistan. The collection of 29 pages includes writings by Saadia Gaon, and has been compared in significance to the 19th-century discovery of the Cairo Genizah. The rare documents were discovered … Continued

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