Images around us : Raster and vector images

                Sometimes,the passport size photograph your friend clicks for professional purpose portrays the best smartness, coolness, weirdness and cuteness in you.It might really deserve all the likes and comments a “display picture” in Facebook … Continued

Real life applications of Minimum Spanning Tree

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Do you have any idea about the principle behind telephone connections? I meant to ask you whether you have noticed the long cables running over in the air and clamped to the telephone pillars and towers; and imagined the pattern … Continued

Steganography: A glimpse

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Ever wondered while watching movies when the hero takes a blank chit of paper to the candle and discovered the writings that was otherwise hidden? This is called Steganography – covered writing. Steganography  is  an art where some important information … Continued

Natural Language processing: The Beginning of the era.

Imagine a scenario where you can talk to gadgets like you speak with your friend in your native language and it does the necessary actions and acts according to your commands.Well, you may wonder that language facilities are already there … Continued

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