87 Questions asked at Google

Working at Google is perhaps everyone’s dream. However, it rarely turns true ! A handful of people get a chance to work at Google. The hard thing isn’t about getting a job at Google, or passing their “tricky” interview. But … Continued

Founder of Whatsapp, Rejected by Facebook ?

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Facebook rejected WhatsApp co-founder for a job in 2009 Facebook is putting huge concern on mobile with an enthralling cash deal worth up to $19 billion for the viral smartphone messaging service WhatsApp. The surprisingly amazing, mega-deal which was announced … Continued

1000 year old Manuscripts !

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Israel’s National Library has acquired 1,000-year-old Jewish documents discovered in Afghanistan. The collection of 29 pages includes writings by Saadia Gaon, and has been compared in significance to the 19th-century discovery of the Cairo Genizah. The rare documents were discovered … Continued