Microsoft PowerPoint : The Lifesaver !

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Microsoft power point is a software developed by Microsoft, officially launched on May, 22 1990 as a part of the Microsoft office suite. It was originally called ‘presenter’ but due some problems of copyrights and trademarks that it was changed later. How does it work? It works by using, the ‘slide analogy’ consisting of individual pages or slides.


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Powerpoint works by using a transparent projection screen on which the slides are displayed with the help of an overhead projector. Although they are in the slide format they can contain words, images, sound effects, pictures, emoticons and much more than we usually think of. The content can include three types of movements, for instance entrance which refers to the entrance and exit of items on the slide. Secondly, transitions which entail the movements of items on the slide. And finally, custom animation which is used to create the story effect used to create the slide. Power point is used to also create professional presentations as well as informal ones. A wide variety of customization can be used for the same purpose.


In addition to this, the wide variety of audio, video and sound files cause the presentation to look like a movie of its own. The advantages of this software include the saving of time and energy which was earlier expended in creating hand crafted sheets, layouts, designs and documents on paper, blackboards or whiteboards. Also it has statistically been proven that learning retention is better, faster and more efficient on virtual rather than traditional methods of presentation. However, it also has certain disadvantages too.




The most critical information is presented in the most mundane manner, the dynamics of the slide encourage the use of acronyms, images and less of text which is adverse to the use of English in its most descriptive form. This has led to loss of content in terms of its substance and only is the most decorative form of it.









And lastly, PowerPoint’s font did not allow the use of appropriate scientific measurements that was required in some science based presentations. this also lead to terms like “death by power point”, “power point hell “ and “power point death march” to be invented and used. The different versions of power point are 1990 PowerPoint 2.0 for Windows 3.0, 1992 PowerPoint 3.0 for Windows 3.1, 1993 PowerPoint 4.0 (Office 4.x), 1995 PowerPoint for Windows 95 (version 7.0; Office 95), 1997 PowerPoint 97 (version 8.0; Office 97), 1999 PowerPoint 2000 (version 9.0; Office 2000), 2001 PowerPoint 2002 (version 10; Office XP), 2003 Office PowerPoint 2003 (version 11; Office 2003), 2007 Office PowerPoint 2007 (version 12; Office 2007), 2010 PowerPoint 2010 (version 14; Office 2010) and 2013 PowerPoint 2013 (version 15; Office 2013).


Microsoft power point viewer is used to view the power point presentations on those computers that do not have power point. There is also a provision for protecting documents on Microsoft office. Nowadays, power point is used for delivering lectures in classrooms, seminar halls for teaching the next generation how to learn!

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