Finding your match online. Not so bizzare

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Online Dating : A walk-around

Ever fancied finding the right match for u online? Yes, now it is possible with the advancements in the field of computer science and technology. The space you one can find one’s partner online are called matrimonial websites. Sites such as,, (specific to India) are dedicated for the same purpose.



These websites register users by asking them to create a profile and giving them specific details such as their age, gender, religion, nationality, caste, geographical location also often asking for their recent coloured photograph to be uploaded alongside. And there also exist community based matrimonial websites for easier access to marriages in the same communities as most people prefer.


These sites are one step ahead of the online dating portal where in people from diverse cultures, religious background, political inclinations, geographical locales, races, and social standing meet and interact. These interactions are based on electronic messages, commonly called as chatting.




Chatting refers to the transmission of text messages through the internet. Chat messages are short, lucid, to the point and instant. Most of them do not even follow basic rules of grammar and sentence structure. If the chat is done with the help of webcams, it becomes a video chat using messengers such as instant messengers. But this system of communication exchange has more advantages than impediments since people can talk freely and to many people without necessarily having to meet them or relate to them. Another important concept related to this is that of virtual dating which fundamentally means the creation of two avatars of one’s self in cyber space and causing them to meet, date and romance on various exotic locales such as the streets of Paris, the beaches of Maldives or the Alps of Switzerland. Some sites that allow this to exist are Weopia and Omnidate.




There are also dating assistants that aid people find the right match for themselves. They pursue the prospective matches by sending those repeated emails to and fro, look through a couple’s compatibility, arrange and organize dates and confirm them too. However this also has adverse effects on the minds of the people whose profiles are created. Firstly, by the creation of profiles, people create a fake impression of themselves not only in front of others but for themselves as well. They sometimes try to portray things about themselves that are untrue thereby creating a façade for themselves and for the world around them. This can lead to false and misleading information, faking of accounts and mismanagement of data in these profiles. Also, this form of dating leads to the extreme casualty in the approach of dating.

Notwithstanding, the non-seriousness and the playing around with the emotions of the person involved in the relationship. But the advantages are also not less this approach has also led to the openness in the character and the broadening of horizons of the two people hence the laying of a strong foundation for the relationship. So one should not keep oneself closed in a box and try out the options of online dating to see what lies in store for the future.



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